The Purrbabies

I had already introduced my 2 older kitties on my old blog page, but I wanted to transfer their stories over for new visitors to have a chance to get to know them better. I will introduce the baby of the family sometime in the near future!

Meet Ari - The Queen of the Castle!

Ari was a rescue cat we adopted when she was about 6 months old. She wasn't treated very well by whoever owned her before us, and it took over 2 years for her to allow any of us to reach out and touch her without a lot of chasing her around the house first. Now that she's getting older, she has become more affectionate, even coming to you and asking for a good rub.  Here is a picture of Ari taken right after we adopted her, when she was still a kitten:

Ari is very vocal about letting us know when she wants a treat. She jumps up on our kitchen table and meows every 5 seconds or so until one of us gives in and gives her some "cookies," which of course leads to the other 2 kitties in the house also getting cookies! This happens numerous times a day, pretty much whenever one of us is in the kitchen, and although we don't indulge her demands every single time, a visitor can tell by looking at Ari's comfortably chubby belly that SHE is definitely the Queen of this castle! Here's a picture of the 3 of them lined up in a row on the kitchen table, just waiting for their cookies:

Meet Mikko - The Scaredy-Cat of the Family!

We adopted Mikko from a no-kill shelter when she was about 8 weeks old. She was a normal, rambunctious kitten, but when she was just shy of her second birthday, she started having some health problems, which turned out to be a blockage caused by a huge piece of plastic like the kind used in mailing pouches that she had ingested. She spent a few days at our vet's office for surgery and recovery, and although physically she bounced back quickly, her temperment changed from outgoing and friendly to very skittish and shy.

The introduction of our baby-kitty Luna shortly before all of this happened didn't help matters any, either, and several months later she is still "adjusting" to a third cat's presence in the household. She is also still trying to establish herself as higher than the kitten in the household's pecking order. It's funny to watch them wrestle with each other, because even though Mikko is almost twice the size of Luna, the kitten usually ends up doing something that scares her so much that Mikko runs away like a big old 'fraidy cat!

Mikko follows me everywhere I go, and if I happen to change locations while she is asleep, when she wakes up she meows plaintively until I answer her and call her to whatever room I am in at that moment. She even follows me into the bathroom and sits along the edge of the tub when I am taking a bath, and I have a second chair pulled up next to my computer desk, right next to my own chair, for Mikko to sit on and be as close to me as she can get. If I am not paying sufficient attention to her, she butts me with the top of her head until I stop whatever I am doing and give her some lovin'! Here's a picture of Mikko when she was a kitten, making herself comfortable on my lap and soaking up lots of lovin':

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