Friday, September 10, 2010


This evening's Sponsor Spotlight features Caroline from Glitter Tart Designs! Caroline is offering her gorgeous Multimedia/Handpainted Cat Picture to a lucky CCLL Blogmania winner!

You can see the entire lineup of goodies I have confirmed for the upcoming Blogmania event on September 15-16 by clicking THIS LINK!

And now some Q&A time with Caroline:

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a wife, mother of two, avid reader, dabbling chef, self-taught artist and constantly evolving woman. Soon after graduating from Auburn University I took a custom framing class. From my first cut I was hooked and soon opened my own shop, ran it successfully until moving. It was hard to leave it but I left it in very capable hands. This was the beginning of an addiction my husband wishes he could say he had not introduced me to. Yes, it was my husband who opened up my creative side and encouraged it! Without the Frame Shop to run I grew restless and turned my energies toward card making. In a very short time it evolved to more of a mixed media art form. I have been published a few times, placed first and honorable mention in various competitions and have been a featured artist on an online magazine. Without my family, my love of books and my desire to dabble in cooking, I do not think my artwork would be what it is; I find inspiration in all these things!

2. What was your inspiration for opening your own online shop?

I have to give full credit to my father on this one. As a birthday present for my sister I made her a pack of cards. When he saw them, he encouraged me to take a shot at selling them online. Alas, I don't think I have found my true niche yet like many artists have, but I create for myself so when my items sell it is a real joy to find that others like what I have created! Because I create for myself, I do not have many stock items in my shop, but I am always thinking of things to add! Normally, though, the moment they are finished and I show them to someone, they get snatched up and never make it to my shop!

3. Where did the name of your online shop come from?

This one is a bit complicated. When I started to read more, a friend of mine introduced me to a web site, This is a wonderful place to swap used books of all kinds. After a while I discovered the games section of this site and one of the swap groups there is knows as the Divas. The Divas exchange monthly packages of the most wonderful sort, based on each participants' online wish lists. When I joined, it was fashionable to have a “diva name,” so after brainstorming for a bit I came up with Glitter Tart Diva as my Diva name. My go-to art element is anything that shimmers, and at that particular time in my evolution as an artist, glitter was my only shimmer medium. Tart came from a friend of mine who thought it sounded good, and lastly I had to identify myself as a Diva…so Glitter Tart Diva became my Diva name, and it has just rolled over into all my other online activities!

4. What kind of products do you sell?

I started off selling cards. Then I made a number of coasters but lately it has become very difficult for me to find the quality of coaster I want to use. I’ve made a handful of scarves and recently I have painted some watercolors. Mostly I do custom work: pillows, coasters, table linens, and wall hangings are my most requested items.

5. What product(s) are your best sellers?

I can not really say that any one item sells better than another. I think it is my style that sells, since I do more custom work than selling stock out of my store. There are many more examples of my handiwork to be viewed on MY BLOG, and I am always willing to entertain custom orders for anything you see on there, as well!

6. Do you sell specific items that you would recommend for the upcoming fall and winter holidays?

I am hoping to make some ornaments and some napkins with holiday themes but time is one of those things that I never seem to have enough of. To those who are “shopping,” I would say to look for those holiday items that are not too holiday-specific-themed, like leaves for autumn that can be used for many months, monogrammed items in holiday colors that can be used year round because they do not have a holiday symbol on them. But mostly I would say buy what you like and display it proudly!

7. Any new and upcoming additions to your current list of products?

I have a long list of custom orders to get through before I can add any new items to my shop. I do have a set of holiday cocktail napkins that I will be adding shortly.

8. Anything else you would like to share with my readers about your shop or your items?

If you see something that you like in my shop or on MY BLOG, please do not hesitate to contact me about it! If It is an item that has already been sold, I can always make more! If you want an item slightly altered, different colors, size, etc. just let me know! I enjoy making things for people when I know they are going to like them and custom orders take priority.

And now for a fabulous special offer from Glitter Tart Designs, exclusively for CCLL readers!

Caroline is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order! All you have to do is mention you saw her Sponsor Spotlight on Crazy Cat Lady's Library when you place your order!!! So please pop on over to Glitter Tart Designs, take a look at all the fabulous goodies Caroline has for sale, and maybe you will find that perfect something you have been looking for!

And as a special incentive to visit Caroline's shop, I am offering the opportunity for you to gain some extra entries into my upcoming Blogmania giveaway!!! Simply go to Glitter Tart Designs and heart it as a favorite to get one extra entry. And if you see something you just have to have, go ahead and buy it, because that will give you 5 more extra entries! Of course, you have to follow CCLL also, but that's easy-peasy, too ~ the Google Friends Connect boxes in my right sidebar are easy to find, and you only have to pick one or the other! Then just fill out the form below to have your extra entries counted!

Blogmania Extra Entry Form (click here)

Stay tuned for more Sponsor Spotlights, coming soon!




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That cat picture is pretty.
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The picture is cute and my grandkid would love it.


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