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Today's Sponsor Spotlight features Bethany from Gneiss Spice! Bethany is offering one of her 4 oz Magnetic Catnip Jar for Fridge, customizable with the name of the winner's cat to a lucky CCLL Blogmania winner!

You can see the entire lineup of goodies I have confirmed for the upcoming Blogmania event on September 15-16 by clicking THIS LINK!

And now some Q&A time with Bethany:

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Bethany. I'm a public school teacher in Brooklyn, NY. This will be my eighth year teaching HS science, which is a bit unbelievable to me. I'm originally from Maine--and my partner and I just bought a crappy farmhouse in Maine. I guess the plan is to fix it up and someday we'll move back!

2. What was your inspiration for opening your own online shop?

I love to make things--especially sewing and knitting--but I don't seem to do those things as well or as quickly as other sellers. Then, every time I had a guest to my house...they would comment on my spice rack. And they would want one...So, I got to thinking that maybe that would be my item I could sell. Except, originally I didn't emboss the lids, so it didn't seem "handmade" enough to sell as my own product--and once we figured out how to do that, the shop opened the next day!

3. Where did the name of your online shop come from?

Gneiss (pronounced "nice") is a metamorphic rock created from heat and pressure. My college degree is in geology and I am an Earth Science teacher... Plus, it rhymes with "spice." And, we geologists like to say, "gneiss!" as a joke...I have to say, it is embarrassing when people mis-read the name as "genius" spice. Wouldn't that be pretentious!?!

4. What kind of products do you sell?

Magnetic spice racks that can be customized, spice gift sets, and of course my magnetic catnip jars embossed with your cat's name!

5. What product(s) are your best sellers?

My best selling gift set is my "Non-profit World Salts" set. It includes 7 natural salts from around the world and a micro-loan to an entrepreneur from So far this year, I've loaned fifteen $25 loans to different low-income people all over the world! However, my best selling product is my empty magnetic spice set that can be customized with the spice names of your choice. And, of course people love to buy catnip jars with their purrbaby's name embossed on the top! Makes a great stocking stuffer (does your pet have a stocking like mine?)

6. Do you sell specific items that you would recommend for the upcoming fall and winter holidays?

For a meaningful and fun gift--the World Salts! It alleviates the problem of not knowing what spices people already own, and the salts are fun to experiment on different foods.

7. New and upcoming additions to your current list of products?

I wish! I haven't had the chance to think about it. But, I would like to start offering spice refills to my current customers. One of my missions is to eliminate as much waste as possible--and not everyone has a natural food store close by, to buy spices loose and refill their containers. It seems sort of absurd to me that people would buy spices in their plastic containers at the grocery store--and then just pour them into my containers because they "look good." I'd like to try to figure out how to eliminate some of that excess. Plus, my spices are all organic and purchased fair trade when possible--check them out at

8. Anything else you would like to share with my readers about your shop or your items?

I love custom orders--so if you've got an idea about something you want to figure out for your spice collection, email me!

And now for TWO fabulous special offers from Bethany, exclusively for CCLL readers!

Bethany is offering 1) Buy one 4 oz. cat nip jar, embossed with your cat's name, and get a 2nd one free (I mean, how many of us cat people have just one cat!?!). AND 2) 10% off any other products in Bethany's shop - She will reimburse you through paypal after you check out! ** All you have to do is mention you saw her Sponsor Spotlight on Crazy Cat Lady's Library when you place your order!!! So please pop on over to Gneiss Spice, take a look at all the fabulous goodies Bethany has for sale, and maybe you will find that perfect something you have been looking for!

And as a special incentive to visit Bethany's shop, I am offering the opportunity for you to gain some extra entries into my upcoming Blogmania giveaway!!! Simply go to * and heart it as a favorite to get one extra entry. And if you see something you just have to have, go ahead and buy it, because that will give you 5 more extra entries! Of course, you have to follow CCLL also, but that's easy-peasy, too ~ the Google Friends Connect boxes in my right sidebar are easy to find, and you only have to pick one or the other! Then just fill out the form below to have your extra entries counted!

Blogmania Extra Entry Form (click here))

Stay tuned for more Sponsor Spotlights, coming soon!



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Bethany said...

Hi CCL. The posting looks great! Thanks so much for inviting me to participate. Cheers. ~Bethany @ Gneiss Spice

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