Friday, August 6, 2010

Hopping along!

If you’re stopping by from one of the blog hops, and you follow me, please leave a comment so I can follow you back! Thanks for hopping with me!

Book Bloger Hop

Book Blogger Hop
BBH Question of the Week:
Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?

No, I don't listen to any music deliberately while reading. Often, though, my husband has the television on, or one of my teenagers has music blaring somewhere in the house. Our house is seldom silent unless I am home alone, and then I prefer to keep it taht way and enjoy it while it lasts! I can actually tune just about any kind of noise out completely when I am reading because I get so engrossed in the story!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking up! :) I am already a follower! Have an awesome weekend!


Metro DC Mom said...

I found you from the Friday Follow. Good luck rebuilding your followers!

Magemanda said...

Hello there! I'm dropping by from the Blog Hop '10 and I've followed your blog :-) I like all the pawprints - looks rather like my books when my cats come inside from play!

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by to thank you for posting Friday-Follow.

Have a great Friday!

Amanda said...

wow thats a lot of blog hops! didnt even know most of them existed. might have to check some of those out.

will check out your blog too for good book suggestions. i really want to start reading.

Feeling Beachie said...

Hi, I popped by from Blog Hop'10. Your cats are gorgeous! I am the servant of a 14 year old cat, Alex. I love your paw prints....

Belly Charms said...

I am following you back from Hop Along Friday. Good luck rebuilding. I have 2 furry kitty babies:) They lay on my desk or in my lap while I work on the computer. Savannah tends to put her bottom on my mouse pad - not too easy to work around that.

Brenda said...

I love your blog I found you doing the Friday Follow. Drop by and check out my blog at

Rowena said...

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower of yours and look forward to reading more from you. Enjoy your weekend and good luck building up your blog again! =)

Darlyn said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog.I love the cat paws!I'm following you too ;p

Chrizette said...

Hi I am hopping by your blog after seeing your comment on another blog hopper post.

Take care

nymfaux said...

Hi!!! I'm a new follower--just stopping by from the hop!!!--Congrats on your new design!!! I love the colors, and it looks great!!! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!


readerbuzz said...

I love quiet when I read. Beautiful quiet. Every now and then a little French music is lovely, too.

I'm just getting over a houseful of teenagers, so I especially appreciate the beautiful quiet.

I am now a follower. Your blog is such fun, with all your little cat things here and there. I am sorry someone was so mean as to destroy your earlier blog (and I didn't even know this could be done). It must have been a cat hater.

Manga Maniac said...

I am hopping in for the blog hop. I'm a follower, too!

If you have time, drop in and say hi at Manga Maniac Cafe

JL said...

Stopping by for the Book Blogger Hop! I'm an old follower (refollowing you). Good luck with rebuilding everything!

An Avid Reader's Musings

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you got your site rebuilt and I look forward to reading your reviews:)

Alison said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm now following. How horrible that you lost yours. Good luck rebuilding it.
Alison Can Read

Stuck Between The Pages said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I really appreciate it. I know what it's like not having a lot of followers, I've had my blog up for a week or so now, and not only am I learning how to do everything, but I didn't have ANY followers! So, I'm glad I learned about the Follow Fridays, and the Blog Hop! It's a lot of help! Anyway! I'm now following you! Have a great weekend!

Stephany @

Book Junkies said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog. We really appreciate it :) We are following you back!

A & C

Bailey said...

Hello! I am now a follower! =) Have a great weekend!

The Bookish Type said...

Hello! Thanks so much for hopping by my site! I love your header! I envy your ability to tune out anything (I think that ability might come with parenthood lol) - I can occasionally get that engrossed in a story, but I have to have silence to start. I really need to work on that. Have a great weekend!

The Bookish Type

J.A.Scherff said...

Wow! Had no idea there were so many hops and follower events that went on. I love reading and you have a great site!

Shon said...

Cute blog title! I have cats too...

I can only tune things out while reading at home. If I'm traveling or waiting in line or an appointment, I find myself easily distracted by other people or my surroundings. That's usually when I need to use my iPod. I try to always have a book and my iPod with me at all times. Have to be prepared!

Found your blog via the Hop.

Suko said...

Wow! That's quite a collection of buttons! I am here from the Hop! You have a terrific blog, and I'm a new follower. :)

Missy said...

Your blog layout and name is the BEST ... and so is your content - the other stuff just attracted me first because I heart cats. ;) Love the blog and I'm now a follower! Have a great weekend!!

Missy @ Missy's Reads & Reviews

Jazz R.J. said...

Hello dear. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your header. Hope you have a shiny weekend. Hugs!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

Hey CCL!

Thanks for Hopping by!

so sorry about having to start over =/

Im following your blog again!

Have a great week!

KDL said...

Just stopping by from the hop - a little tardy since I started late. I enjoy OTHER peoples' cats...and I love to read but don't get much time for it lately. Good luck with rebuilding...sounds challenging.

Sistergirl said...

Just hoppin by, I love your blog design its really nice.

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