Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today's Sponsor Spotlight features Danie from Danie Amyotte Creations! Danie is offering a pair of her What's New, Pussycat? Earrings to a lucky CCLL Blogmania winner!

You can see the entire lineup of goodies I have confirmed for the upcoming Blogmania event on September 15-16 by clicking THIS LINK!

And now some Q&A time with Danie:

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

Having an arts background and working in the video game industry does seem to go naturally hand in hand. But computer work being what it is, I've been meaning - itching! -to get back in touch with... touch. My day job is the best! Although very technical. Completely opposite to the work I do while creating jewelry : intuitive while I'm playing with the different materials, textures, shapes and colors. This has been a hobby for many years now, but I have taken time off from the jewelry and am just starting over these last few months. This little break paid off; I wanted an evolution in style and materials. I also wanted simplicity, femininity and quality in materials. And getting across to a larger circle of fashion-inclined (read addicted) women like me, or at least take a shot! Creating drives me and I have many more ideas to come, so stay tuned! :)

2. What was your inspiration for opening your own online shop?

Honestly, what does it for me is the easiness and freedom to operate this shop from my (tiny!) workshop. Or from anywhere for that matter, internet being what it is. I love the proximity this medium creates.

3. Where did the name of your online shop come from?

From me :)

4. What kind of products do you sell?

I sell earrings and necklaces, sometimes made with natural pieces, like shell, nacre, feathers, semi-precious stones. Sometimes with luscious shiny glass. Always shimmering and colorful!

5. What product(s) are your best sellers?

Usually the long necklaces with vivid colors are by far the winners.

6. Do you sell specific items that you would recommend for the upcoming fall and winter holidays?

Of course! But you'll have to check up on my shop for updates, I won't let you in on all the surprises. Let's just say, rich, deep colors and new natural materials and fibres.

7. Any new and upcoming additions to your current list of products?

I love new challenges. I was thinking about sewing, maybe recycled fabric friendly animal characters... with an edgy design. I love natural lipbalms, I make my own.. chocolate, coconut... Photography, drawing... who knows, I'll have to try everything at least once!

8. Anything else you would like to share with my readers about your shop or your items?

Every item I sell is shipped giftwrapped and satisfaction-guaranteed. My main goal in having an online shop is to create pleasant contacts and transactions. So if you have comments, feedback, personal requests, please don't be shy! You can also follow me on my Facebook Fan Page at Creations Danie Amyotte.

And now for a fabulous special offer from Danie, exclusively for CCLL readers!

Danie is offering FREE SHIPPING on all her items seen by CCLL readers!!! All you have to do is mention you saw her Sponsor Spotlight on Crazy Cat Lady's Library when you place your order!!! So please pop on over to Danie Amyotte Creations, take a look at all the fabulous goodies Danie has for sale, and maybe you will find that perfect something you have been looking for!

And as a special incentive to visit Danie's shop, I am offering the opportunity for you to gain some extra entries into my upcoming Blogmania giveaway!!! Simply go to Danie Amyotte Creations and heart it as a favorite to get one extra entry. And if you see something you just have to have, go ahead and buy it, because that will give you 5 more extra entries! Of course, you have to follow CCLL also, but that's easy-peasy, too ~ the Google Friends Connect boxes in my right sidebar are easy to find, and you only have to pick one or the other! Then just fill out the form below to have your extra entries counted!

Blogmania Extra Entry Form (click here))

Stay tuned for more Sponsor Spotlights, coming soon!



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